The Team

The group responsible for the translations is Patchy Illusion Team.
Originally created in 2012 and oriented to game making and dev help, it was disbanded due to inactivity and remade in the form of a scanlation team. Later, some members started working on the translation of Japanese RPG Maker games, expanding the activities of the group. The name comes from one of the founder members, who disappeared and was never seen again.

Currently, our site is hosted in the english imageboard Uboachan. We also have a discord server.

We're basically a small group of hobbyists working on this for free. We ask of you to take that in mind when judging our content.

The People

As of now, the people participating in the scanlation team are:

The people working on game translations are:

If you're interested in participating/giving a hand, shoot a mail to the chief translator, bump our thread in /yn/ or join our discord server. We accept the help of people interested in joining the team and also those who want to stay anonymous but would like to contribute. We're currently in the need of:

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